When this glorious country was created it was actually made up of two different countries. Communist and Socialist countries.

East Ugreg being socialist and West Ugreg being communist.

With the coming of these views, the war started.

The War

The war was uterly brutal.
It started off simple, no fighting, just trying to settle differences between political views.
But then Religion came into view. Not only were the two sides fighting over politics but they were fighting over religion now aswell.

Religious wars through history have not been good. It's the exact same with this war. Nobody really remembers what religion each country was fighting for but that doesn't really matter at this point.

The war lasted 10 years. It started back in 1994 and ended in 2004. There were major battles and tiny battles. Some of the major battles destroyed big important cities that held important power generation sites. That is a huge deal because energy is a crisis down in Ugreg. The wars were a big part in shaping the population density as it is now. The most famous battle was probably the one known as Sruhsh. It lasted 3 months and was fought over the north area of the border. Not many cities are located around there which makes it a great battle ground. 5000 lives were lost in the first few weeks. Which is a major loss for Ugreg standards. During that war a rebellion was formed down in the West ugreg capital making that battle one of the reasons it is the most famous. The rebellion caused the government to begin to collapse. It wasn't a major downfall, but it affected the government badly. The battle of sruhsh was the ending battle. Once the communist government fell, the president of West Ugreg, confonted the priminister of East ugreg in the neutral zone and created a peace treaty. But before that during that war a rebellion was also formed in the capital city of East Ugreg. Their goal was to take down the socialist government because they were on board with the communist beliefs. That rebllion quickly failed as they tried to seize the army base which was full of soldiers on high alert due to the bombings that happened earlier that day. The war of sruhsh ended when the communist party's leader was shot dead in the middle of a gun battle. After that the main camp was bombed by the socialist party and the troops of the communists were either forced back into their own country or taken to a POW camp. That was the end of the wars, and the day that they signed the peace treaty was declared as Unity day.