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The general layout of my country

My country is a semi-developed country with roughly 35 000 in population. It's an island with a temperate, but cold climate. It is located about here:

What are the main situation features of my most important city?

My most important city is the main buisness site, it has a population of roughly 5000. It is located around the main harbour site. It's also the capital city.

How have the five factors of population distribution affected the settlement of your country?


A majority of the northern land is made up of mountains, lakes and forests. Which makes it less inhabitable. The only good residential and buisness areas are around the southern areas near the harbour sites The islands are hard to traverse, as the reason why you can't see and population density there Click here to view map


Most of this can be read here


The government only allows you to have a certain amount of electricity due to the Wars. A lot of power generation sites were destroyed. Due to this the major cities are distrubuted the most amount of electricity due to the high power needs and more amount of people. More people flock towards the city because of this which does affect the population distribution.


Technology isn't as developed as most rich contires nowadays. Healthcare is still developing, oldest lifespan is around 65. Technology is more developed in certain cities, the population is more dense in these cities.


During the wars, emmigration was very high. The major cities didn't have very much emmigration because they were the most protected areas, cities close to the border were evacuated to the farthest city away from the border. People are currently in the process of moving back to their old homes from after the war. People move to Ugreg to start a new life.

Diagram of the most important city.


Land uses within most important city

Map feature Why is it there?
Residential It is located there so that the industrial and buisness site had access to the harbour for delivery.
Transportation The transportation is layed out like that for maximum land and space usage.
Public Buildings/Institutional It is located there so that it is with easy access all throughout the city.
Parks/Greenspace It is located there so that it's not in the way of important sites.
Industrial It is there with access to the water and it is out of the residential area.
Commercial It is located there with easy access to residential nd industrial area.

Other information about country/city

The country is a simple semi-developed country, a few known tribes hidden in the northern forests of the country. Nothing of much interest.

Population Pyramid